Great quality

Do you want to make you customer super happy and release with better quality?

Format: Workshop
3 hours

Learn the mindset and approach required to deliver software of high quality. We combine theory, discussion and practice to give you a firm understanding of tools and techniques used by teams that frequently deliver high quality software.

You will learn
  • How to use a lean and agile thinking to approach quality problems
  • How to test in an agile setting
  • How to work as an individual, a team or as a company to achieve great quality
  • How to avoid common problems that impact your quality
Target group

Our workshops allow a minimum of five to a maximum of 40 participants for the optimal learning enviroment. The target group for the online training is software developers, product managers, project managers, team leads and managers.


Participant 1-10: 2495 SEK/person
Participant 11-20: 1995 SEK/person
Participant 21-40: 1495 SEK/person

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