We offer training in Agile, Lean and software development. At Knowtion AB we are passionate about measurable improvements and therefore our training programs are always adapted to the customer's needs and goals.


Do you want to get super speed and minimize your time-to-market?

Learn to understand the underlying principles that enable teams to deliver valuable software faster. We combine theory, discussion and practice to give you an understanding of the most common problems in agile development and give you the tools to help you and your team in your daily work to deliver software with speed.

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Great quality

Do you want to make you customer super happy and release with better quality?

Learn the mindset and approach required to deliver software of high quality. We combine theory, discussion and practice to give you a firm understanding of tools and techniques used by teams that frequently deliver high quality software.

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Eliminate waste

Do you want to give super powers to your team and improve your process for better pace and quality?

Learn where waste comes from and why speed and quality suffers when waste is introduced in the system. We combine theory, practice and discussion to give you a great toolbox to analyze problems and find solutions in order to really boost deliveries.

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